What is a Permit Expediter?

What is a Permit Expediter?

A Permit Expediter is a trained professional that advises clients throughout the permitting process to keep construction projects on schedule and within budget. Permit Expediters typically have backgrounds in Planning, Construction, Real Estate, or Architecture and have experience working with local compliance codes and zoning requirements. They advise on topics such as the plan check process, entitlements, ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act), and much more.

Experienced Permit Expediters typically have spent years working with city officials and other jurisdiction employees, attending countless meetings and plan reviews. Having handled all types of permitting projects gives Permit Expediters the necessary experience needed to better anticipate any permitting issues that may arise so that they can mitigate costly setbacks.

What are their Day-to-Day Tasks?

Permit Expediters are typically hired by Construction Project Managers, Architects, Directors of Entitlements, Development Managers, Directors of Construction, Tenant Coordinators, retailers, and/or anyone working on a construction project. Their day-to-day tasks consist of:

• Conducting research on zoning, codes, and planning
• Coordinating with plan reviewers, clients, and building officials
• Reviewing construction drawings and other documents to ensure that they follow city code requirements
• Analyzing proposed project materials to determine if they are acceptable according to jurisdiction requirements
• Meeting with city officials to complete pre-submittal reviews
• Negotiating an expedited process to receiving an RTI (ready-to-issue)

How do You Benefit from One?

Pushing back project deadlines can result in massive overspending. Permit Expediters understand this and are hired to navigate the permit process quickly and smoothly to prevent overspending. They do this by reducing the number of required plan checks, negotiating quicker review times, and utilizing existing relationships with jurisdictions to obtain information quicker.

Permit Expediters work to limit the number of rechecks by getting the application and building plans correct from the beginning. They spend a lot of time conducting due-diligence which allows them to determine the jurisdiction(s) having authority. Subsequently they can determine the code requirements that apply to the specific scope of work being conducted and revise an application accordingly.

Permit Expediters negotiate quicker review times by organizing over-the-counter reviews with plan reviewers instead of time consuming submittals. Over-the-counter reviews occur when a plan check is reviewed on the spot by a plan reviewer and last shorter in duration with comments or RTI being issued at the end. Through an over-the-counter review, clients can receive any required comments/corrections immediately rather than waiting weeks to hear back.

Finally, Permit Expediters have spent so much time at local jurisdictions that they practically know everyone in the building. They have such frequent contact with city officials and jurisdiction representatives that they can communicate back and forth far quicker than the average Joe. Their relationships with jurisdictions allow them to obtain information quickly and efficiently often relaying it back to the client immediately.

What Sets Permit Advisors Apart?

Permit Advisors takes a strategic approach to handling the permit expediting process. Rather than simply acting as a liaison between jurisdictions and architects, we take a hands-on approach by presenting solutions to problems that arise during the permitting process. If a plan reviewer determines that there is an issue with building plans, we come up with solutions such as alternative designs and methods to overcoming the situation. We become part of our client’s team and make it our mission to achieve our client’s goals. We take communication seriously, providing weekly updates to ensure all team members are up to date throughout the entire process. To learn more about the Permit Advisors approach to permits, contact us today.

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