Permit Advisors CEO
Roy Hasson, President of Permit Advisors, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2018 (Newswire) -​​ Obtaining construction permits is often a daunting task requiring numerous government sign-offs and varying local guidelines. These complexities can leave retail developers behind on projects and cost loads of money due to code violations and increased timelines.

Retail giant Under Armour, known for its assortment of performance apparel, admits that construction permitting can become a development obstacle. “For many years we were reliant on our architect to handle our permitting services with moderate success,” comments Under Armour Vice President Thomas Walsh. “We identified permitting as an area of opportunity to reduce costs and decrease our development timeline.”

To improve its permitting process, Under Armour invests in a permit expediting service. “We decided to partner with Permit Advisors as our preferred permit expediter throughout the United States,” says Walsh. Experienced permit expediters like Permit Advisors are trained to alleviate potential code issues and keep the permitting process on-schedule and within budget.

Permit Advisors supports retail clients like Under Armour by facilitating and consulting throughout the intricate permitting process. Retail stores must consider signage, parking, dumpster placement, racking, fire alarms, and much more. With backgrounds in planning, construction, and architecture, Project Managers are familiar with local code requirements and can anticipate potential pain points throughout the process. Because of this, they can mitigate possible set-backs such as zoning errors and missing documentation.

Additionally, Permit Advisors works to expedite the permitting process by negotiating over-the-counter reviews, minimizing the number of submittals required, and constantly communicating with officials to minimize complications. This results in a smoother process for the architects, designers, and project managers.

“Utilizing Permit Advisors as our direct expediter has been very successful and allowed us to plan our projects much more accurately while also reducing risk and costs in the permit process,” says Walsh. “I would highly recommend any owner to utilize a direct permit expeditor, especially Permit Advisors.”

About Permit Advisors:

Permit Advisors Inc. is a complete permit, entitlement consulting, and expediting firm based out of Beverly Hills, Ca. We go beyond just submitting plans, as you may have experienced with previous expediters. We have established strong relationships with officials of many municipalities and have numerous time and cost saving strategies that we implement to efficiently complete projects. We aim to secure all permits as quickly as possible! We keep track of all the different aspects of the permitting process and make sure that the project is being given full attention by everyone on the team. We responsibly update clients and ensure that lines of communication are open between the Jurisdiction, the consultants and the client at all times. Contact us today for a consultation.