Project Intake

Assess deadlines, verify project information, and open ALL lines of communication (architects, engineers, jurisdiction).

Research and Due Diligence

Confirm all Jurisdictional requirements, departments, clearances, fees, permits needed, timelines, etc. We will research any previous permits, planning cases, and easements on file. We issue a full checklist of requirements for the architect and engineer so that all parties are clear on whom is responsible
for what items.

Quality Control

Done prior to submittal to any jurisdiction. We review plans for completeness, collate sets properly for each department, verify all supporting documents are present, etc. We guarantee an accurate
submittal, every time!


We submit to every department, secure checks to pay plan check fees, and make sure that timelines are still accurate. We provide same day submittal
reports for every project!


We attend all plan check meetings, pre-submittal Jurisdictional meetings, client meetings (as needed), etc. We continue to push projects forward to make sure we meet those deadlines, following up and using atypical channels to obtain approval
as quickly as possible.


We negotiate things like over the counter plan check when possible, appointment plan check instead of re-submittals, push for shorter review times, and negotiate out of high development impact fees whenever possible.


Permit Advisors always keeps an open line of communication. One way to ensure that is by having regular reporting. Same day submittal reports, weekly conference calls, full update reports weekly for multi-store programs, and Ready To Issue reports are some of the ways we keep all parties
organized and informed.


Revisions due to site conditions, or requested by client can be processed by our team. We will provide a breakdown of the departments which need to review, timelines, and process the plan check for approval as quickly as possible.