What is Due Diligence at Permit Advisors?

At Permit Advisors, due diligence forms the foundation of our projects. Due diligence is a key step during the permit expediting process where we conduct loads of research to provide our clients with every bit of information vital to the project. This information includes necessary legal documents, required department reviews, submittal requirements, area-specific code information, and much more. The process involves the following…

• Determining the Jurisdiction – A jurisdiction having authority, or JHA, is the organization, agency, or department responsible for enforcing code in a specific region. Sometimes projects are located on the border of two jurisdictions and it’s unclear of which jurisdiction has authority over the land. During our due diligence research, our project managers determine the JHA and subsequently the specific departments within the JHA that must be submitted for review.

Performing Records Research – We must look into the records associated with the project location to confirm the occupancy group, certificate of occupancy, historic information, legal documents filed for property (i.e. affidavits, covenants, parcel maps), etc. This information helps us assess which permits are required, if a change-of-use is required, and any items that may be triggered based on the scope of work.

Reviewing all Required Permits – Depending on the project’s scope of work, there are typically multiple types of permits required for the project (i.e. building permits, mechanical/electrical/plumbing permits, racking permits, fire sprinkler permits, etc). Our project managers not only determine the required permits, but also the required documents, fees, and application materials that are needed.

Assessing all Required Approvals – In addition to receiving all required permits, applicants will often need to obtain approvals from departments such as planning, health, fire, and energy before construction commences. When conducting due diligence, our project managers determine each department that will need to sign off on the project prior to approval.

Negotiating Concurrent/Expedited Plan Reviews – Part of expediting the permitting process is determining if our clients can submit items concurrently rather than in a series. Our project managers will inquire with plan reviewers and city representatives to determine if department reviews can occur at the same time to speed up the process. Additionally, they determine if there are any other routes to expedited plan review and advise clients accordingly.

Once due diligence is completed, our project managers provide clients with a concise, organized report of their findings. The due diligence report gives clients a firm grasp on the overall process, the estimated timeline, and all other important information relevant to their project. In addition to giving clients a comprehensive overview of the requirements, our due diligence reports identify any items that can hinder the timeline of a project, allowing us to coordinate a solution proactively.

With a decade of experience in the industry, Permit Advisors’ team of Project Managers have worked in almost every jurisdiction of the United States. This experience gives us a leg-up in the industry, allowing us to have already worked with the different processes so that we can advise our clients appropriately. Our experience, paired with our connections to different city representatives, allows us to conduct due diligence thoroughly and effectively.