Project Submittals & Client Representation

Upon completing due diligence and quality control, our permitting team is ready to submit application materials and architectural plans to the relevant city departments. This process includes organizing and attending all meetings, dropping off/picking up plans, negotiating shorter review times, following up with plan checkers on submittal statuses, and regularly updating clients of their project status. Our comprehensive process, paired with our vast level of experience working in different jurisdictions, helps us streamline the permitting process for our clients.

Project Submittal Services:

• Organize and attend pre-submittal meetings
• Negotiate over the counter reviews whenever possible
• Submit plans to all related departments concurrently whenever possible
• Drop off and pick up plans & applications
• Attend plan check meetings & re-submittal meetings
• Track status and follow-up on submittals


Our due diligence and quality control processes provide the groundwork for a smooth and efficient submittal, allowing us to identify any issues that could arise and take action in advance to mitigate them. When we submit plans and applications for our clients, we take all possible measures to make sure the process is handled in the most efficient way possible. Our regular follow-ups with plan reviewers and permit technicians help us ensure that all items are addressed, and no required submittal materials are overlooked. Finally, our relationships and experience in countless jurisdictions gives us a leg-up on the process, allowing us to have familiarity with the process and city officials in advance so that we can navigate it expertly.


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