Over the last decade, Permit Advisors has grown to become one of the leading providers of permit expediting and entitlement services across the state of Nevada. From retail and restaurant projects along the Las Vegas Strip, to Tenant Improvements in Fashion  Show Mall and large-scale ground up developments throughout Clark County, we’ve done it all for our clients.

Some of the city departments in Nevada that we have worked with include:

  • Carson City Building Department
  • City of Henderson Building Department
  • Clark County Building Department
  • City of Las Vegas Department of Building and Safety

Some of our most notable client projects in Nevada include:

  • Bob’s Discount Furniture – Las Vegas, NV (coming soon)
  • Madewell – Summerlin, NV (coming soon)
  • Under Armour – Las Vegas, NV
  • Harbor Freight Tools – Henderson, NV
  • Mac – Las Vegas, NV
  • Soul Cycle – Las Vegas, NV
  • Panerai – Las Vegas, NV
  • Schutz – Las Vegas, NV
  • JC Penney – Carson, NV


Items to Consider When Building in Nevada –

  • Special Inspection Agreement: In Southern Nevada, building permits that require special inspection must provide a signed agreement with the Building Official called a Special Inspection Agreement. This agreement specifies that the owner of the project will obtain inspections from an approved Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and/or Testing Agency for those elements requiring special inspection.


Adopted from Chapter 17 of the International Building Code, the intent of the Special Inspection  Agreement is to verify the proper assembly of structural components and the suitability of the installed materials so that they comply with the minimum structural and fire-resistance code requirements. Determining this compliance often requires frequent inspections and testing at specific stages of construction (International Building Code, 2017).


  • Fire Protection Report: The Clark County Department of Building and Fire Department requires complex facilities such as high-rises, malls, and hospitals to submit a Fire Protection Report (FPR) at least 30 days prior to the plan drawing submittal. FPRs describe the different fire protection aspects of a project and how they address the level of protection intended by code.



Permit Advisors specializes in making sure project deadlines are met 100% of the time. We complete all due diligence and permit research to ensure that there are no surprises once your project is in review. Our team of local experts will navigate you through the entire process with City and County Jurisdictions.

Our full-service permit expediting includes:

  • Permit Records Research
  • Full Due Diligence (through every department)
  • Quality Control (prior to any submittal)
  • Submittal (in-person to each department)
  • Follow-Up / Pushing Projects Forward
  • Retrieval / Relaying  of Comments
  • Representation (at hearings / meetings)
  •  Reporting (Submittal, Weekly Calls, Program Status Report, RTI Report)

We Expedite Permits In Every Jurisdiction Across Nevada!

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