We Are a Proud Partner of the JLL Synergy Program

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a world leader in real estate services; who buy, occupy, and invest in a variety of assets that span many industries. To better assist their clients, they formed the JLL Synergy program to compile a group of trusted companies with a proven track record to serve their valued customers.

What is the JLL Synergy Program? 

Thanks to our excellent track record with previous JLL projects, Permit Advisors has been hand-picked to become a trusted partner under the JLL Synergy Program. With this, customers can save time with pre-negotiated contracts, have savings of 10%-45%, and be assured they’re given the highest level of service. 


Permit Advisors Can Help With: 

Permit Advisors Successes with JLL


If you are a JLL Client and would like to utilize the JLL Synergy Program with Permit Advisors pease reach out to a Synergy Specialist here. Or call Permit Advisors at (310) 275-7774!