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Permit Expediting for Multi-Family Developments

Multifamily Residential

Permit Advisors works on a number of Multifamily Residential construction projects for national developers. We completely manage the permitting and entitlement process to mitigate complications and meet client deadlines for construction. We have cultivated relationships with many city, county and state municipalities to ease the procurement of building permits for our residential developments. Our main area of expertise lies in the development of large scale multi-family residential structures, such as apartment buildings and condominiums.

We assist in the following:

  • New Apartment High-Rise Buildings
  • Mixed-Use Developments
  • Large Renovations
  • Parking Modifications
  • Common Area Remodels

Our Full Service Permit Expediting Includes:

  • Permit Records Research
  • Full Due Diligence (through every department)
  • Quality Control (prior to any submittal)
  • Submittal (in-person to each department)
  • Follow-Up / Pushing Projects Forward
  • Retrieval / Relaying  of Comments
  • Representation (at hearings / meetings)
  •  Reporting (Submittal, Weekly Calls, Program Status Report, RTI Report)