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Permit Expediting for Gas Stations


Permit Advisors Inc. has years of experience working with developers on projects of any scale. Our team has expedited the permitting process for many gas stations across the country. Planning for gas stations is a complex activity that requires the efforts of many professionals. Permit Advisors’ project managers and expediters have mastered the art of working with local government to speed up the process of getting permits approved for such developments. We go beyond the submittal of plans and have become America’s favorite gas stations permit expediter.

Permit Advisors acts as the liaison between your design team, general contractor, and government officials to ensure there is always a clear line of communication and any issues that may arise with the approval of your plans are handled immediately.

We Handle Every Element of Your Gas Station Permits, Including:

  • Shoring
  • Grading
  • Zoning/Variances
  • Parking
  • Building Permits
  • Etc.


Our Full Service Permit Expediting Includes:

  • Permit Records Research
  • Full Due Diligence (through every department)
  • Quality Control (prior to any submittal)
  • Submittal (in-person to each department)
  • Follow-Up / Pushing Projects Forward
  • Retrieval / Relaying  of Comments
  • Representation (at hearings / meetings)
  •  Reporting (Submittal, Weekly Calls, Program Status Report, RTI Report)