Outlet Malls vs Lifestyle Centers

If you’re not a stranger to shopping, then you have likely visited both an outlet mall and a lifestyle center. Both have similar characteristics – they’re shopping centers with lots of retailers in one location – but what makes them different? Of course, you are probably already aware that outlet malls offer cheaper priced goods, but do you know how they differ from a development standpoint? As experts in the permitting field, we’ve handled permits for many categories of shopping centers. Through our experience, we’ve highlighted a list of three major differences between outlet malls and lifestyle centers. Clientele The …

Aug 6, 2018 By admin

Letter to Our Readers: Evolution of the Mall Experience

Letter to Our Readers: Evolution of the Mall Experience Dear Permit Advisors Reader, It is no secret the mall experience is evolving because malls, as we know them, are dead. It is also no secret consumers are looking for novel and unique experiences from their shopping centers. Designers, developers, investors, brokers, and pretty much everyone is scrambling to predict what the “next big thing” in mall concepts will be. Well, Permit Advisors can’t predict what next tech or unique thingamabob millennials and baby boomers are going to want from their shopping centers, but we can help you get your project …

May 8, 2016 By admin

3 Reasons The Retail Decline is a Myth

While most of the commercial development industry believes retail is on the decline, Permit Advisors believes retailers are declining but adapting to a new consumer base and we have three reasons why.

Feb 26, 2016 By admin