Building Permit Expediter: Separating Myth from Fact

In this article, I am going to dispel some myths and reinforce some facts about building permit expediter. For more information or a personal consultation contact our team at (310) 275-7774. Myth: All building permit expediters are pretty much the same It’s tempting to think all building permit expediters are pretty much the same around the country. But, ask any veteran of the space and they’ll tell you about their favorite building permit expediter. The one that specializes in a specific area of the country and they wish worked everywhere! On the other hand, they can tell you horror stories …

May 1, 2017 By admin

Pricing Mall Permits

Evolution of the Mall Experience: Pricing Your Mall Permits Checkers vs Chess In our high risk-high reward industry everyone is looking at pricing their mall permits and hoping for an edge. Aficionados of chess like to say strategic blunders are a “checkers vs chess” mentality. Well-meaning players choose a move that rewards them in the short run without realizing the long-term ramifications. Often, it means repeating the same mistake twice. How does this translate to your mall permits? Well, choosing a permitting team with a low-cost proposal can have many long-term consequences. On the positive side of the spectrum, you …

May 15, 2016 By admin

Letter to Our Readers: Evolution of the Mall Experience

Letter to Our Readers: Evolution of the Mall Experience Dear Permit Advisors Reader, It is no secret the mall experience is evolving because malls, as we know them, are dead. It is also no secret consumers are looking for novel and unique experiences from their shopping centers. Designers, developers, investors, brokers, and pretty much everyone is scrambling to predict what the “next big thing” in mall concepts will be. Well, Permit Advisors can’t predict what next tech or unique thingamabob millennials and baby boomers are going to want from their shopping centers, but we can help you get your project …

May 8, 2016 By admin

3 Reasons The Retail Decline is a Myth

While most of the commercial development industry believes retail is on the decline, Permit Advisors believes retailers are declining but adapting to a new consumer base and we have three reasons why.

Feb 26, 2016 By admin