Who You NEED in Phase I

Who You NEED in Phase I

Your development team is the dream team and you proudly display them across projects and regions, however, Phase I of a project is a critical time. The problem is regions and projects differ and so do the demands made of your dream team, so Permit Advisors will break-down the consultants your dream team will need during Phase I.

Land Use

Conducting due diligence and site investigations are lengthy and time-consuming, and choosing the wrong land use consultant will make things worse. Find a land use consultant that has legal experience or public works experience. Someone who interned at jurisdiction and has an undergraduate degree in planning just isn’t enough. Jurisdictions can have complex processes for records requests, submittal requirements, change of use permits, and even how to become an item on their council agenda!

Permit Solutions

At face value, Permit Advisors offering advice on permitting solutions seems self-serving, so we will stick to just the facts. The dream team for permit expediting firms depends on region. For example, New York has a specific course and certification program required to submit permits for expedition. While Los Angeles is a spaghetti bowl of processes not for expediters breaking into the region. When choosing a permit solutions firm it is best to ask for case studies of their work in the region and obtain references from former clients.

Community Outreach

If you end up with a project requiring a change of use or any entitlements it is best to hit the ground running by meeting the district’s council member and having a strategy for community outreach months prior to submittal. Honestly, your land use consultant should indicate in their reporting if entitlements or city hearings are necessary to the project. From there, get recommendations from people in the area and industry you trust. Searching Google can help as far as knowing who is out there but anyone can hire an SEO expert to increase their search rankings. Additionally, firms are known to deactivate their Yelp accounts in order to stop or deter bad reviews.

Coastal Commission

If your project is in a sea-faring city you may run into needing the Coastal Commission’s approval. Again, your land use consultant should indicate this requirement in the due diligence report. Get the information about popular topics, read the minutes from the last meetings, and don’t go cheap on the consultant!

Department of Transportation

If you’re increasing traffic density in the area you may get hit with a Department of Transportation (DOT) clearance requirement. Proper land use consulting, and sometimes permit consultants, will let you know. It is imperative you know about these clearances before they happen as they can eat up 6-8 months of your timeline, and that is not mentioning fees! As soon as you know there is a DOT requirement get a consultant on board. Run a report to know specifically what numbers of increase/decrease you’re working with. Get all the specifics possible so you know more than the city does!

In closing, the needs of your development dream team vary by region and project type during Phase I. In order to assist them, and ultimately the success of your project, you must provide the proper resources. A good land use consultant, permit solutions firm, community outreach consultants, coastal commission experts, and department of transportation consultants can be the difference between surviving a project and executing the project masterfully. To learn more about Phase I consulting firms give Permit Advisors a call, and we can help give recommendations free of charge.


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