Do Permit Expediting Services Save You Money?

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Although most development firms understand the business value of a permit expediter some still have reservations about permit expediting services. It’s easy to think that these services are a luxury rather than a necessity. However, the rewards far outweigh the costs. I recommend incorporating permit services in your original budget. A small cost, in the beginning, will save you from the repeated submittal costs, lengthened timeline, and errors down the road. Let’s look at how plancheck reviews, the types of materials in a space, and the permitting timeline itself plays a role in the overall budget of a project. I think, by the time you’re done reading this blog, you will see that permit expediting services are essential to saving you time and money.


Review times directly turn into plancheck fees as cities charge their fees based on the number of times they have to look at plans. Additionally, some require fees based on the individual department as well. Tied to reviews and plancheck fees are the expenses associated with drafting corrections on the plans themselves. Architect’s fees, printing fees, and delivery fees play a role. Three important ways permit expediting services save you money is 1) they cut-down the number of times a jurisdiction looks at your plans 2) negotiates corrections on the plans and 3) negotiates fees on your behalf wherever possible.


Fixtures and materials are expensive before incorporating them into your permitting landscape, but when you find out that a city hasn’t approved them to be used in their jurisdiction they get a whole lot more expensive. The time it takes to get a material approved (which Permit Advisors Inc can help with, by the way) may not be factored into your timeline causing not only money to become expensive but also your timelines to elongate. A good permit expediting service can give you examples of approved materials and fixtures in place of the questionable materials or fixtures. Further, bring us in during the drafting phase for a region and we can give the information in advance saving you even more time which will turn into money in plancheck fees.


We’ve already touched on reviews and how they directly turn into fees and let’s talk about the timeline itself. Construction loans begin accruing interest or requiring payments as soon as a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is issued which means every day your permit isn’t approved but the C of O has been issued means interest is accruing. Literally, time is turning into money. Apart from construction loans when permitting goes over the time allotted that is the time the tenant is not using the space. Which can lead to co-tenancy issues and rent reductions being required. A good permit expediting service will not run over time, in fact, they will shrink the timeline.

Hopefully, this blog has succeeded in providing you with more information about how permit expediter services can save you money. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to the Permit Advisors team.

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