Permit Advisors Partners With Milrose Consultants

Permit Advisors is excited to formally announce a strategic partnership with Milrose Consultants, a national leader in code consulting and municipal compliance based in New York City.  

For over three decades, Milrose Consultants has successfully guided major corporations and leading development and architecture firms in navigating the complex municipal compliance path to bring complex projects and major real estate developments to life throughout the United States.

Permit Advisors, based in Beverly Hills, CA, is a nationwide, permit expediting firm with strong relationships in every major jurisdiction in the U.S. Due to their high success rate, efficient expediting, and a world-class team of project managers; Permit Advisors has gained the trust and respect of some of the nation’s top corporations in retail, hospitality, automotive, corporate interior, and healthcare sectors. 

Alongside Milrose Consultants, Permit Advisors has also forged a partnership with Southfield Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in scaling growth-oriented mid-sized companies in the business services sector. With the resources provided by Southfield Capital, Permit Advisors can begin to expand into markets not previously reachable and deliver an even higher quality of service. 

The Milrose Consultants and Permit Advisors alliance will allow both companies to leverage each other’s unique skill set and market reach to better serve their clients and expand their portfolio of services they can offer across an expanded national footprint.

President of Permit Advisors, Roy Hasson said of this merger, “I could not be more excited to join forces with Southfield Capital and Milrose Consultants in a strategic partnership focused on growth and expansion on a national level. By partnering with these two great firms, we will have the ability to provide a higher quality of service to our client base in existing and new markets.”

Domenick Chieco, CEO of Milrose Consultants, commented, “The combined Milrose and Permit Advisors national platform will allow us the unique opportunity to provide a broader and more diverse set of services in New York, California, and across the country. We are thrilled to partner with this incredible team and together leverage our size and resources to grow into a national market leader.”

Oct 5, 2020 By Bridget Foley