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Residential Developments

Permit Management for Residential Developments

We have developed relationships with many city, county and state municipalities to ease the procurement of building permits for our residential developments. Our main area of expertise lies in the development of large scale multi-family residential structures, such as apartment buildings and condominiums. We assist in the following:

  • New Apartments
    Permit Advisors coordinates Residential Developments

    Permit Advisors coordinates Residential Developments

  • Highrise Buildings
  • Mixed Use Buildings
  • Large Renovations
  • Common Area Remodels
  • Parking Modifications



We go beyond just submitting your plans. Permit Advisors will handle every aspect of the permitting process. This includes full due diligence reports, architect's checklist, and representation at any hearings/plan check meetings. We have 11 main focal points that are used to ensure client success.

The Following is  included in PA’s Permit Process:

1. Project Intake

2. Due Diligence report

3. Records Research

4. Submittals

5. Conditions of Approval

6. Site/Jurisdictional/client visits

7. Quality Control – done prior to any submittals or plan check meetings

8. Meetings

9. Post Permit Revisions

10. Negotiations

11. Reports

*At this time we do not manage residential projects smaller than 4 units or dwellings.