How Pop-Up Retail Permits Work

If you read our last blog “How to Permit a Lifestyle Center,” you have a general concept of lifestyle centers and the permits required to perform construction work on them. Keeping pace with lifestyle centers, let’s discuss pop-up retail and how it relates to lifestyle centers. Pop-up retail, sometimes called “flash sales,” is a temporary retail space. Have you ever been to a costume store for Halloween that was only around during the month of October? Pop-ups are often holiday- or event-specific and only stick around for a short time. Retailers also utilize pop-up stores to test out a new …

Jul 14, 2018 By admin

Retail Permit Expediting Services: 5 Considerations on Shopping Centers

Many retail permit expediting services can kick out tenant improvements quickly, but what about shopping centers? Landlords need to be able to offer preferred permitting services to their tenants as many brands are tightening the reigns on how they choose locations and landlords. As the preferred retail permit expediting services for shopping centers and malls nationwide, I’d like to throw my 2 cents in on the matter. I will point out 5 considerations you should take when looking at shopping centers.

Jan 31, 2018 By admin