Mixed-Use Intensification

Mixed-Use Intensification As of writing this in Quarter 2 in 2016, Mixed-Use commercial concepts are trending nation-wide, especially in high urban and metro areas, but no one is talking about the intensification of these units and how they are costing developers. Maybe everyone knows when talking about mixed-use that intensification is an assumption on the part of planners, and the cost of pushing these permits through can be pretty complex when thinking of time and money. But, judging by the amount of proposed mixed-use concepts with the actual number of mixed-use concepts approved tells another story. The Break-Down Alright, lets …

Apr 3, 2016 By admin

3 Reasons The Retail Decline is a Myth

While most of the commercial development industry believes retail is on the decline, Permit Advisors believes retailers are declining but adapting to a new consumer base and we have three reasons why.

Feb 26, 2016 By admin