San Francisco at sunrise with Bay BridgeBuilding and design can differ a lot in the state of California from other parts of the country. Building in San Francisco can be different due to the complex zoning and planning standards. Based in San Francisco, CA, we have a team of Project Managers dedicated solely to the city of San Francisco. Our team has managed permits and entitlements for clients in SF for over a decade. Project Managers make frequent visits to the Department of Building and Safety in Oakland, Berkeley, Sacramento, San Jose , and Downtown. They regularly meet with City Planners and City Officials in the area allowing them to build a deeper understanding of the local processes and requirements that go into SF permit approvals. With project managers versed in Title 24, Green Building, California Environmental Standards, and Seismic Building, Permit Advisors offers unparalleled permitting services to our clients.

In San Francisco, every block and district can present unique challenges and requirements when it comes to permitting. With 11 districts and dozens of neighborhood/historic commissions, requirements can vary widely. Permit Advisors has a satellite office and project managers in the San Francisco area. With boots on the ground in this region, we have a regular presence at the SF Department of Building and Inspection, allowing us to be incredibly familiar with the City Planners and local permitting requirements.

The San Francisco permitting landscape can be complex with its energy standards, seismic building requirements, and different plan review processes. Trust Permit Advisors’ team of competent project managers to manage the process for you in the most comprehensive way.