8 Keys to Understanding Title 24 in California

Introduction If you’ve worked on construction in California since 1978, or more aptly since 2013, then you have struggled to understand the spider-web process that is the California Code of Regulations, or CCR, of Title 24. Even then, understanding Title 24 won’t necessarily help you go through the process of compliance any faster. We’ve interviewed Permit Advisor’s Adam Van Dale, Project Manager, to help explain the process and best practices. PA: First off, what does Title 24 affect in terms of projects? AVD: Title 24 covers mechanical, electrical, and plumbing standards that affect energy use in the state of California. …

Mar 28, 2016 By admin

Why Do Change of Use Permits Take So Long?

Change of Use Permits Permit Advisors consults and advises, pun intended, on all sorts of commercial projects around the United States and we commonly are asked: Why do Change of Use permits take so long? So, we’ve compiled some common questions about Change of Use permits and have answered them in this interview-style article. First off, let’s start off by asking: what are Change of Use permits? A Change of Use permit is required for a variety of situations. Changing the use of a building or facility may involve an extensive remodel or may require no physical changes at all; …

Mar 20, 2016 By admin

Conditional Use Permits: What and How You Get Them

Conditional Use Permits, or CUPs for short, are permits that allow for a use otherwise restricted for a particular zone for that parcel of land. Just like the name reveals the permit is approved upon a set of conditions. Those conditions are set forth by the municipality the land falls within.

Feb 29, 2016 By admin

3 Reasons The Retail Decline is a Myth

While most of the commercial development industry believes retail is on the decline, Permit Advisors believes retailers are declining but adapting to a new consumer base and we have three reasons why.

Feb 26, 2016 By admin