How Tax Code Changes Intensify the Need for a Permit Expediter

Election years come with changes of personnel, policies, and tax codes, but how will this affect retailers construction needs specifically, the need for a permit expediter? The answer is simple: the need for a permit expediter is intensified. This intensification is a reaction to three new factors of the retail environment: stronger American currency, tax-code changes, and increased development in the market.

In our article, “What Stronger Dollar Means for Retail Permits” we analyzed how less foreign development represents an opportunity for domestic development. However, I did not include the ramifications of the stronger currency with respect to retailers who manufacture goods abroad. In short, the reason is that it didn’t matter much. A stronger currency is better for importers traditionally. But, with the tax-code change importing goods may be less profitable than before.

The tax-code change would prohibit companies from deducting the cost of importing goods in the country. This means a renewed focus on the bottom line for every potential development. Timelines and city fee negotiation is now, more than ever, a linchpin to good retail development. A permit expediter just became an ace up your sleeve.

As if the change in tax-code isn’t enough, another monkey wrench is increased competition in the market from the stronger American dollar. Competition for sites, goods, and concepts will be more competitive than before as the focus shifts from bouncing back from the recession to building a thriving domestic economy. The increased competition and thinning profit margins intensify the need for a permit expediter to get the right space permitted in the shortest timeframe possible.

Changes made on the heels of the election are still to be seen, however, as we look to proposed and actual immediate tax-code changes we see an intensified need for permit expeditors as never before. The best way to get ahead of the competition is to get a valued adviser to council and work solutions for your complex city permitting problems. For more information on how to properly vet a firm check out our article, “Who You Need in Phase I.”


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