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Being a California permit expediter I see firms from all over the nation try to break into the California market and not realize there are additional regulations tied to working in my home state. We’re going to talk, at a high level, conservation and energy regulations and some special reviews. While other states have adopted these regulations they have adopted them differently.

California Evironmental and Energy Laws

No conversation on California regulations would be complete without mentioning CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). This act mandates state and local governments to identify environmental impacts and actions they will take to avoid those impacts. It is a lengthy process and requires expertise in navigating the law. While my firm does not handle CEQA reviews or requests we are aware of the process and can help you avoid needing the review.

Along with CEQA comes Title 24 of the California energy code that helps regulate how to use electricity efficiently. At the consumer level many are aware that certain types of light bulbs are now illegal and won’t be manufactured anymore. At a commercial and industrial level we talk about mounting calculations as well as points of connection. On the plans we have to have entire sections allocated towards Title 24 to show how energy efficient the space will be. There is not grandfather clause when it comes to Title 24. Everything must be updated and up to code.

Plumbing and water conservation is another aspect of California’s conservation requirements. You’ve probably seen the recent news of wildfires that are plaguing the state, and so it should come as no surprise that materials and circulations for water need to reviewed. Utilities and points of connection are a continual source corrections and resubmittals.

Special Additional Reviews

California is known for the quaint towns that litter the coast and mountainous regions of the state, and even the dessert has become a destination! For this additional reviews are often required for permit approval. As a California permit expediter needs to be adept at these reviews and be ready to act as your liason.

Coastal commission reviews are especially difficult to get through as many times they are filled with what we call NIMBY’s (Not In My Backyward) who don’t want the coast line to change. Similarly, historical preservation reviews can be just as difficult. Towns like Pasadena make tourist business through their traditional Spanish architecture and are particular about the brands they allow in certain neighborhoods. Just as restrictive but not as tied to aesthetics are planning commissions that look at low-income housing. Towns like Los Angeles and San Francisco have a severe housing shortage causing congestion on their roads and gentrification in traditionally lower income neighborhoods. More and more city councils and planning commissions are looking at relieving the low-income housing problem.


While these reviews are specific to California, and may be adopted elsewhere, are not permits a good permit expediter is aware of them and their processes. As one of California’s favorite permit expediter we can help you through some of these processes and give referrals for all of them. Our goal is to provide the best brands with the ability to open their doors sooner.

About Permit Advisors: Permit Advisors Inc. is a complete permit, entitlement consulting, and expediting firm based out of Beverly Hills, Ca. We go beyond just submitting plans, as you may have experienced with previous expediters. We have established strong relationships with officials of many municipalities and have numerous time and cost saving strategies that we implement to efficiently complete projects. We aim to secure all permits as quickly as possible! We keep track of all the different aspects of the permitting process and make sure that the project is being given full attention by everyone on the team. We responsibly update clients and ensure that lines of communication are open between the Jurisdiction, the consultants and the client at all times. Contact us today for a consultation


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