Permit Expediting Financial Perspectives: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Permit Expediting Financial Perspectives: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape There are times some of our clients choose not to use us due to financial reasons, and although they usually decide to bring us on anyway, the need to explain permit expediting financial perspectives is apparent. Recently, an article by Kevin Choquette of Fident Capital outlined the impacts the slow-down in construction lending is having and sourced reasons for the slow down. Choquette cited the basic reasons for the slow-down in lending for construction as Basel III, Dodd-Frank, and the Consumer Protection Agency (Choquette, Kevin. “Slow for Construction.” Western Real Estate Business …

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When Do I Need to Hire a Permit Expediter?

Many cities are adopting an online portal for their plan-check process, leaving some professionals to wonder, “Do I still need a permit expediter?” While receiving the answer to this question from a company named Permit Advisors may seem biased, we promise to give you a straight answer. We’ll walk you through the why and when of leaving the permit process to an expert. Smaller Jurisdictions Barring some exceptions, smaller jurisdictions are often relatively quick with the permitting process, even without new technology. They don’t usually have as many internal departments, therefore, there’s less waiting and/or complication involved. Additionally smaller jurisdictions often …

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Connecting Points: How Your Permit Expediter Helps You Avoid Single Points of Failure

This past week, I was looking into the Fortune 500 companies of 2015 to guess who’d move up or down in 2016. While reviewing some of the annual reports from 2015, it revealed some interesting information for any business hoping to increase their revenue: top companies and concepts avoid single points of failure. Now, how does this relate to construction projects? Well, avoiding single points of failure in the development phase of your project can provide less stress for your team, your vendors, and your bottom line. We believe the cornerstone to any good development is government relations, that is, …

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Who You NEED in Phase I

Phase I of a project is a critical time for a new development, and it is essential you assemble to dream team. Permit Advisors Inc will clarify the importance of developers and consultants by type in this article. Permit Advisors Inc is a permit expediting, code consulting, and entitlements firm based in Beverly Hills, California that works all over the continental United States.

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