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Movie Theatre Permits

Permit Management for Movie Theatres

Our knowledge and areas of expertise extend to all types of construction and that includes getting movie theatre permits. Permit Advisors expediters specialize in complicated projects, as is the case with constructing movie theatres. Whether it's a remodel or new construction, we can handle it all.

We make sure that requirements are met with building, planning, health, plumbing, and electrical departments. Our team of expert project managers, expediters, and in-house architects works hand in hand with your design/build team to guarantee success. Our solutions-based approach to movie theatre permits ensures quality, efficiency, and communication. Having these different divisions allows Permit Advisor's to provide one of a kind service for your next project.

The following is included in PA’s Permit Process:

1. Project Intake

2. Due Diligence report

3. Records Research

4. Submittals

5. Conditions of Approval

6. Site/Jurisdictional/client visits

7. Quality Control – done prior to any submittals or plan check meetings

8. Meetings

9. Post Permit Revisions

10. Negotiations

11. Reports

We aren't here to just submit your plans. We handle every aspect of the permitting process. This includes any and all research for violations, reviewing plans to ensure that they are in line with current building codes, full due diligence including architect's checklist. We have developed numerous time and cost saving techniques to keep your project on schedule and make sure that construction is started on time, so it is finished on time!